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7 Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

People looking for more natural health and beauty products have known about the benefits of hemp oil for many years. However, hemp oil has become more mainstream in the health and beauty industry in the past few years. It’s now an ingredient in high-end beauty products. Also, it’s used on its own for various health and beauty purposes.

7 Hemp Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

Curious about the hemp oil benefits for skin and hair? Here are seven ways to use hemp oil to get the healthiest and best-looking skin and hair you’ve ever had.

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1) Hydrates Skin and Hair

Hemp oil contains an incredible amount of fatty acids and is high in omega acids. Both fatty acids and omega acids play a huge role in hydrating the skin and hair.

Hemp oil is also a natural humectant, a substance that keeps things hydrated. Humectants are usually added to lotions, moisturizers, and conditioners to preserve the natural moisture in the skin and hair. Since hemp oil is a natural humectant, it serves the same function.

Apply hemp oil to the skin and the hair to protect their natural moisture and add more hydration.

2) Regulates the Amount of Natural Oil Produced

Skin produces many natural oils to help it stay hydrated and healthy. For the most part, these natural oils are good for our skin. But when our skin produces too much of these oils, especially a particular oil called sebum, then the oil can clog the pores. This is the cause of acne and blackheads.

You wouldn’t think that putting more oil on your skin would help reduce the amount of natural oil produced, but that’s what hemp oil does. When you apply hemp seed oil to your skin, your body reduces the amount of oil it produces on its own. This means that there’s less sebum to clog your pores.

If your skin tends to be too oily and you’re prone to acne, hemp oil is an excellent solution for your skin.

3) Reduces Inflammation

Hemp oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the immune system’s response to an injury or imbalance in the body. Sometimes our immune systems react too strongly, causing excess Inflammation. Hemp oil works with the immune system to calm the inflammatory response, reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Hemp oil is a cannabinoid, a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. Yes, that’s the marijuana plant, but hemp oil is not the same as CBD. Check out this article to learn about the differences between hemp oil and CBD.

Believe it or not, our body naturally produces cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. Adding additional cannabinoids to the body helps the endocannabinoid system do its jobs in the body, one of which is reducing Inflammation.

What does this have to do with your skin? When pores get clogged, the immune system responds by creating Inflammation. That’s why your blemishes look all red and swollen. Applying hemp oil to the blemishes can reduce the swelling and lessen the appearance of blemishes.

Systemic inflammation can cause skin conditions like eczema. Applying hemp oil to eczema or taking a hemp oil supplement can help reduce the rash. Some people use a steroid cream, however, this can lead to topical steroid withdrawal and further skin conditions. 

4) Heals Small Scrapes and Cuts

Hemp oil’s anti-inflammatory properties also help heal minor cuts and scrapes. Of course, we’re not saying you should put hemp oil on an open wound instead of properly cleaning and bandaging it. We’re saying that when you get a minor cut or scrape off some skin, applying hemp oil will reduce Inflammation, which helps the healing process.

Hemp oil also has natural anti-bacterial properties, so it can help cleanse the cut or scrape. This will reduce the chance of infection and help promote healing.

First, clean the area with warm water and soap when you get a small cut or scrape. Then apply some hemp oil before bandaging it. Continue to use hemp oil as the cut or scrape heals.

5) Reduces the Appearance of Scars

Scars are a natural part of the healing process. Scar tissue forms when damaged skin heals. Usually, this scar tissue fades with time as part of the body’s natural healing process. But when the wound is severe, the scar remains visible.

Hemp oil’s healing properties can help reduce the appearance of scars by helping the skin heal more quickly. It can also help by aiding the skin in producing more collagen, which allows the affected area to heal and helps the scar tissue fade.

You can also apply hemp oil to old scars to help them fade and appear less prominently.

6) Firms and Tightens Skin

Collagen production and moisture retention are the essential processes that help keep our skin looking tight and firm. Hemp oil helps facilitate both of these processes.

Since hemp oil helps with collagen production, applying it to the skin or taking it as a supplement will help your skin produce more collagen. Hemp oil also helps retain your skin’s natural moisture and adds additional moisture by nourishing the skin with essential fatty acids and omega acids.

So, applying hemp oil to your skin will help keep your skin firm and tight.

7) Reduces Bags Under the Eyes

Everyone is familiar with those annoying and unsightly under-eye bags. These bags are caused by weakening the skin and muscles around the eyes. This creates a build-up of fluid under the eyes. This build-up is a natural inflammatory response.

Since hemp oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce the Inflammation that causes under-eye bags. Hemp oil is also an enormously effective antioxidant, which helps reduce the toxins in the body. Reducing these toxins leads to less Inflammation and healthier skin.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Skin and Hair

Hemp oil benefits for skin and hair are plentiful. Hemp oil can help your skin and hair be more robust and healthier. It can help reduce Inflammation in the skin and promote healing.

Hemp oil also has many other health benefits. It can be used with other essential oils to promote full-body health and wellness.

Check out the “Be a Better You” section for more advice about promoting your health and wellness.

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