Christmas is typically when you gather with your loved ones, which poses a high risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is too early to indicate how Christmas in the year 2020 will materialize. Still, it is impossible to rule out potential disruptions in the upcoming festive season.

6 Ways You to have a Special Christmas Despite COVID

The coronavirus has left many worldwide with little to celebrate. We can only guess what to expect with continuously changing blanket bans on gatherings. Here, we’ll suggest some contingency plans for a social-distanced Christmas. 

Christmas is typically when you gather together with your loved ones, which poses a high risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Letter Writing

You can make Christmas memorable this year by writing a letter from Santa to your children. Your children are already expecting Santa to drop off gifts at Christmas. However, they don’t expect him to craft a personalized letter.

You can make Christmas during COVID unique by creating a personalized and special letter to your child. You can also encourage your child to reply, knowing Santa will respond equally. Your child will feel like Santa is their best friend and pen pal. 

Online Shopping

The run-up to Christmas will be the most challenging part of this year’s festive season. Letting go of the pre-Christmas shopping days and the festive spirit it creates will be challenging this year as it poses the most risk to COVID. Shopping online is safer and will ensure that gift-giving continues this year despite movement and gathering restrictions.

Adopting unique shopping methods like the five-gift rule can bring a much-needed twist to this year’s festivities. You can shop online for gifts that cater to different needs and preferences, such as gifts one can wear, read, need, and experience. Plus, there are some fantastic sales if you wait to shop Boxing day deals online.

Online Christmas Celebrations

Suppose you can’t have the usual big family gatherings this Christmas aside from those already in your household bubble. Why does one not consider reconnecting with loved ones by including them in a virtual party?

You can share a themed Christmas idea with your loved ones, connect via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, and share their celebrations despite their location. You can play drinking games together and enjoy a craft party, for instance. O ending Christmas presents an event in itself. You can make the celebration more special and memorable by getting a personalized family Christmas box for your loved ones. F ll a high-quality Christmas box with fantastic presents that children and adults will cherish. T e box itself can be a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Christmas COVID Memorial

The festive season usually brings bittersweet memories of those that have passed on. C VID claimed and is still claiming a lot of lives this year. T e ongoing pandemic is still wreaking havoc everywhere. Families are affected by the passing of family members due to the coronavirus. W ether they passed away from COVID or other reasons, you can consider creating a new charitable Christmas tradition in the name of loved ones that have passed on.

The entire family can honor a loved one’s memory by engaging in a favorite cause or charity in their name or engaging in activities the loved ones were passionate about on Christmas day.

Memorial activities include: planting a tree in their honor, crafting remembrance ornaments to hang with Christmas decorations, celebrating their rituals, and storytelling in their honor.

Safe Travelling

2020 has been characterized by being bound indoors due to travel restrictions and social distancing. However, as the year draws to a close, travel restrictions in some locations are starting to get lifted. Airlines and other transportation modes have seemingly resumed operations.

If you are experiencing cabin fever as a family, you can plan a trip where social distancing continues to be observed. Be sure to research the travel restrictions and requirements of your residence and the place you intend to visit.

Remember that even if travel is allowed during the pandemic, it’s best to be prepared and protected. C oose travel destinations that aren’t too crowded. A ways to wear your masks and other protective gear in public places. R member to wash or sanitize your hands whenever you have a chance. P actice social distancing. H ve a contingency plan prepared, such as knowing the nearby hospitals or clinics. When traveling with kids and the elderly, I ensure they’re adequately informed about the best practices during COVID. Pregnant women and individuals with comorbidities should avoid traveling as much as possible. While traveling during the holidays can form lasting memories and strengthen your bond, you still need to care for your and your family’s health.

Random Acts of Kindness

Many families and individuals suffered a substantial loss this year because of COVID. Christmas can be a time to practice random acts of kindness. Downsizing on Christmas celebrations this year means some money might be to spare.

Random acts of kindness, such as paying for a struggling family’s Christmas shopping or dinner, can restore the festive season cheer. You can donate to a charity of your choice or share your groceries with a family in need, for instance. 

Christmas is typically when you gather together with your loved ones, which poses a high risk of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Memorable Christmas Special Despite COVID

Despite the many changes this year, the holiday season is still worth celebrating. It’s worth honoring your fondest memories of it. T is the festive season; still, remember that it is vital to avoid in-person gatherings with people you do not co-habitat with. You should avoid attending activities with large gatherings.

In choosing ways to celebrate Christmas during COVID, consider outdoor celebrations better than indoor ones. Practice social distancing at all times and consider intimate settings this Christmas.

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