6 Ways to Find New Friends as Foreigner in the USA

Finding new friends as an adult is challenging, especially if you’re not living in your home country. If you add the language barrier and being a foreigner to the mix, it might sound even impossible. Fortunately, you have many options to find people you can relate to and a few things you should try to socialize with. So how can you do that if you find yourself living in the United States?

6 Ways to Find New Friends as Foreigner in the USA

As we know, Americans are considered to be friendly, and small talk plays a vital role in their communication process. It also exposes you to a fantastic opportunity to have a longer conversation with a stranger.

In the beginning, it might feel awkward to step out of your comfort zone and actually introduce yourself or simply ask the magic ‘what’s up’ questions. But the practice makes perfect, so keep trying.

Here are six easy ways to help you find new friends as a foreigner in the USA.


If you have some spare time, you should definitely consider volunteering. This way, you might lend a hand to local youth clubs, hospices, and children’s homes. You will support the local community and have an opportunity to meet some new faces and strike up some new friendships.

Helping others might also ultimately boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. This, in turn, can positively influence your social skills.

Grab a Drink at a Bar

Being at a bar exposes you to many open people who might have a drink, which would make them even more social. Going out is a great way to make friends because you are being exposed to new people who simply want to have fun and meet new interesting souls.

Sometimes you might simply want to enjoy yourself with another person and get intimate. If you live in the Tennessee area, you might want to check Memphis hookups and look for spots with the right vibe to meet some fantastic people with the same intentions.

Join a Gym

The gym can be a perfect place to strike up a conversation with a stranger and get fit at the same time. Most of the gym-goers will notice a new face around.

More introverted people may find it difficult to introduce themselves in such situations. If you’re one of them, you can try to combat this fear and get out of your comfort zone. You can either ask somebody to assist you while doing weights or simply ask for advice. You might also want to find out more about social events organized by your gym. Some of them would organize sport-related get-togethers.

Use Apps

Apps can be an immense time-saver in meeting new people. Most of them work according to algorithms that pair users based on their interests and intents. You can either try Bumble BFF, Yubo or Friender to look for some matches in your area. Just like with dating apps, always arrange a meeting in a public place where you know there will be other people around. You never know who really is that person on the other side of the screen.

Talk to Your Neighbors

We can surely say that Americans invented small talk. Talking to neighbors and inviting them over does not feel strange in this country. You can chat with your neighbor and say that you’re new here and you would love to get to know the people from your surroundings. It might come in handy to be on good terms with your neighbors. Who knows, maybe one day you will need some help from them? Or you will desperately need to borrow a drill?

Look for Local Events

You want to say one huge YES to all the events in your town. This is one of the best ways to meet new people and have fun. You might want to prioritize the options which suit your hobbies and likings first. Let’s say you love music. Why not buy some tickets for a music festival or concerts? Maybe this way you will become friends with other fans and share similar interests!

Take a Hobby Class

Use your hobby to socialize. You can join some classes and meet the other participants. In that way, you will not only get to know people but also gain new skills! Let’s say you love cooking. You might want to learn how to cook in the American way during some classes and talk to new people while sharing a meal. Your possibilities are almost endless!

Ways to Find New Friends as Foreigner in the USA

Meeting new people as a foreigner in a new country can be exciting! Try to get out of your comfort zone and just be yourself. There are many opportunities to find friends as you put yourself out there and try new things. It can be either something that has to do with your hobby or basic socializing forms such as going out. 

Keep in mind that you need to combat your introverted nature and strike up conversations with strangers, as it might be a great way to show how friendly you are. Stay positive, be open to new friendships, and wait for the magic to start – but give it a helping hand from your side!

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