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All of a sudden, your baby is walking around. It’s time to admit they’re not a baby anymore. They’re a toddler. This is an exciting time. It’s also time to transform your baby’s room into a toddler’s room. There are some things that every toddler needs in their room. Here are six of them.

A toddler bed

The transition from a baby bed to a toddler bed is an essential step for your growing child. Safety is essential, so toddler beds should have a safety rail or guard and rounded edges to avoid injuries. Beyond safety, toddler beds are a fun way to add a personal touch to your toddler’s room that shows off their blossoming personality. There is an excellent selection of toddler beds from room to grow that do just this.

Storage and more storage

When your kid was a baby, you could organize their stuff yourself. As toddlers, they’ll start to have more independence and be a lot messier than a baby. Your toddler’s room must have lots of storage. From baskets to bins under the bed, you’ll want to have plenty of places to store toys, craft supplies, clothing, and bedding. This list of easy storage ideas for kids’ rooms has plenty of inspiration to get you started.

Child-proofing items

You may have bought lots of child-proofing items when you had your baby, but now that your child can walk around independently, it’s time to reassess how child-proofed their room is.

Essential child-proofing items include socket and wire covers, cabinet latches, door stoppers, cord wraps if your toddler’s room has blinds rather than curtains, and safety brackets for free-standing furniture. Please look around and think about anything your toddler could get hold of, trap a finger in, or knock over and consider how you can toddler-proof it.

Theyre a toddler This is an exciting time Its also time to transform your babys room into a toddlers room There are some things that every toddler needs in their room Here are six of them

A low table

Sitting up, crawling, walking, and standing are all part of the exciting changes you’ll see as your kid moves from being a baby to a toddler. And toddlers love to walk and stand. A low table offers toddlers a place to stand or sit and play. As they grow, they’ll also be able to use it for drawing and coloring.


Natural light is the best thing for a toddler’s room, but we can’t always expect the room to be filled with sunlight. Overhead lights can be harsh and make the room feel far less cozy, especially in the evenings. Some lamps, placed out of reach and with plugs hidden away, are a great way to make your toddler’s room feel cozy and warm.


Exposure to books is excellent for toddlers. Many of us love reading to them before bed or during the day, and it’s great for their personal development. Keep books to hand in your toddler’s room and consider storing them at toddler height on a low storage shelf or crate. This will encourage your toddler to browse books. You may want to store board books at a low level and keep paper books at a higher level, so you don’t find them ripped or chewed up one day.

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