Have you ever wondered what really goes into your cleaning products? What you buy to clean your home can significantly impact the environment and your family. Using natural, biodegradable cleaning materials to clean is often called green cleaning. Below, we’ve listed some eco-friendly cleaning swaps for sustainable cleaning to protect the earth and your wallet. 

6 Tips for Sustainable Cleaning

  1. Switch traditional sponges for plant-based sponges or reusable cloths. 
  2. Use apple cider vinegar diluted in water as a multipurpose spray cleaner.
  3. Make your own air freshener spray with 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil and one tablespoon of baking soda in a spray bottle with water. 
  4. Instead of buying different cleaners for different parts of your home, opt for a natural multipurpose cleaner.
  5. Avoid plastic containers and instead, look for glass or reusable containers to hold cleaning solutions.
  6. Create an all-natural cleaning solution using lemon rinds steeped in white vinegar for a week. After a week, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and dilute with water before spraying.

For more tips on how to clean sustainably, check out this infographic from Hive Brands.

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Using natural biodegradable cleaning materials to clean is called green cleaning Here are some great eco friendly cleaning swaps for sustainable cleaning

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