Making clothes last is not simply a matter of buying durable ones. Most of the time, it’s about the washing and drying techniques that make the clothes look good after a while.

Laundry Hacks For Keeping Your Clothes Looking Good As New

Curious to know how to do it? This blog post will list down laundry hacks to help keep those clothes looking new. 

Making clothes last is not simply a matter of buying durable ones This blog post will list down laundry hacks to help keep those clothes looking new

Sort Clothes Accordingly

The ease of throwing mixed laundry into the washing machine may appeal to you, but if you want your clothes to stay in good condition for a long time, it’s ideal for sorting them. You can sort clothes by fabric type and by color. 

When sorting by fabric type, ideally, you should separate the heavy items like towels and jackets from the delicate items like the blouse, shirts, and underwear. You do this to avoid damage and abrasion to finer fabrics.

In the same way, separate clothing with zippers and buttons from knitwear and lingerie. Separately wash lint-attracting items such as microfibers, corduroys, or other fabrics that shed lint.

Sorting laundry by fabric type is a good idea because heavier things take longer to dry than lighter ones. The more lightweight items are over-dried due to drying them together, stressing the fibers, while the heavier items are frequently left damp due to this over-drying process.

Use The Proper Laundry Sanitizer

It’s possible to keep clothes looking new if you use an excellent laundry sanitiser. However, it’s essential to note that only some laundry detergents are the same. There are some specifically designed to prevent shrinkage and discoloration in delicate fabrics. You should choose a liquid detergent over a powdered one because powdered detergent is harsher on clothes.

Alternatively, you can choose detergents made from plant-based materials. You can choose from several brands. Research and read online reviews before you make a decision.

Pick The Proper Washer Setting

Each piece of clothing has washing instructions, so after sorting the clothes, the next of these laundry hacks is to select the appropriate washer setting for the clothes you put in. The least-harsh setting on a washer is ideal for most clothes, including blouses, dresses, and polo shirts. You can see a label gentle or delicate, depending on your washer.

It’s best to use a gentle cycle when washing delicate fabrics, as it will prevent most of the wear and tear that washers can cause.

The more durable fabrics, such as denim, can usually be washed. Ensure to read the clothing label carefully. If washing instructions aren’t available, use your judgment.

Making clothes last is not simply a matter of buying durable ones This blog post will list down laundry hacks to help keep those clothes looking new

Use A Laundry Mesh Bag

A laundry mesh bag is a good alternative if your washing machine lacks a delicate mode. With this, you can keep your clothes looking good because they will get the protection they need.

Before putting your clothes in the washer, place them inside the mesh bag. That way, you won’t have to worry about rips, snags, or tangles.

Stay Away From Using Toxic Chemicals

As much as possible, avoid using toxic chemicals like chlorine bleach because it often wears out the fibers on the fabric. Instead, you can use a more environment-friendly chemical that you can easily see in your kitchen, vinegar. You can use ordinary vinegar to brighten clothes naturally. 

Moreover, vinegar helps eliminate odors, leaving your garments with a fresh scent. Smoke, pet, and perspiration scents can all be diminished by it. If your laundry is smelly, add 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar to the load to freshen it up.

Air Dry Clothes

Cotton shirts, jeans, pajamas, and sweatshirts are the only items you can dry safely regularly to keep them looking new. For everything else, air drying is recommended. Most machine dryers use hot air to dry fabrics, which causes shrinkage or fabric damage.

Allow your clothes to air dry more frequently if you have a clothesline. The outdoor heat will be perfect for drying them quickly if you live in a warm area. 

Additionally, clothes always smell better after being exposed to fresh air. If you have limited space, consider collapsible or foldable drying racks. 

The only option in places without regular sunlight is to use the dryer; make sure to use the relaxed setting. 

Laundry Hacks For Keeping Your Clothes Looking Good As New

You may have realized by now that although washing clothes is an essential household chore, there are several factors to consider if you want those clothes to look good even after several washes. 

Just ensure that you sort your clothes properly before putting them in the washer, use a good laundry sanitizer, pick the proper washer setting and use a mesh bag if necessary. 

Moreover, choose natural ingredients like vinegar to make your clothes brighter and smell fresh and dry clothes by air drying them to avoid shrinkage.

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