It's not easy to find time to work out when you're a busy mom. Use our helpful guide to help you find the perfect workouts for moms.

It’s no secret that there are many benefits to exercising regularly. Some of those include better mental health, weight loss, and improved sleep, flexibility, and stamina. Exercise can even reduce the risk of certain diseases like heart disease and some types of cancer.

5 Ways You Can Do Workouts for Moms With a Busy Schedule

But what if you can’t do physical fitness because of the demands of family life? It’s not easy to find time to work out when you’re a busy mom. Use our helpful guide to help you find the five best ways to do workouts for moms.

Schedule It

If it feels like you never can find the time to work out, try scheduling it! Even if you are working out at home, pencil in a specific time designated for it specifically. It’s also a good idea to let the rest of the family in on it (whether by using a shared calendar app or a post-it note) so that everyone knows and respects the workout plan.

Try a High-Intensity Interval Training Workout

HIIT workouts for busy moms are all the rage now. It’s no surprise, considering HIIT workouts (otherwise known as high-intensity interval training) combine intense exercise for 1-5 minutes coupled with rest periods for maximum results in minimum time. Workouts are usually less than an hour and can be as little as 10 minutes long–making it ideal for moms on the go.

Go for a Run

If you find it challenging to attend workout classes or go to the gym regularly, make a run for it! Try dashing out the door whenever you have a small block of time in your day. You can put them in a running stroller for moms with little ones and take them along for a ride and fresh air.

It's not easy to find time to work out when you're a busy mom. Use our helpful guide to help you find the perfect workouts for moms.

Find Kid-Friendly Exercise Programs

If you are looking for at-home workouts for moms while you have the kids, why not get them involved? This is perfect for moms who can’t get time alone. Whether it’s jogging or yoga, there are plenty of appropriate exercises for many different children’s age levels.

Workouts for Moms Together

One of the best workouts for busy moms is when they workout together! Find a friend in fitness, so you can hold each other accountable and help with any health challenges. For example, if you struggle with joint issues when you work out, look at these joint pain prevention tips.


Ready to Get Some Exercise?

Now that you’ve learned about good workouts for moms, you can try some of these on your own. Whether you are running solo or exercising with your kids, the main point is to find the time to do it. The benefits of exercise are many, and it’s never too late to start on the path to a healthier life.

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