It’s not always simple being a woman, especially regarding underwear. We don’t always have the luxury of throwing away what we can find. Often, a little more thought and consideration must go into what we wear beneath our outfits. Due to this, we have put together a list of types of underwear every woman needs in their arsenal. Find out more below!

Types of Underwear Every Woman Needs


You want to have the most comfortable choices in mind for your everyday underwear. This can differ depending on your body shape, but generally, a good t-shirt, bra, and brief set always work a charm. Something that isn’t going to dig into you throughout the day and will give you the support you need is ideal. It’s great to have a collection of womens underwear that you can wear on different days of the week, as this gives you plenty of options depending on your outfit. These are the types of underwear you will wear most often, so it’s great to stock up over the years on the pieces you know and loves!

Dressing Up

When dressing up, your underwear must work around your outfit. For example, if you’re going for a backless number, you may want to opt for a stick-on bra that won’t be visible. That way, you’ll be able to showcase your back without it being obstructed by your underwear. Also, barely-there knickers are often a good option for tighter-fitting occasion wear, so you don’t get a visible underwear line through your clothes. 

“Time of the Month”

Oh, Mother Nature. She comes around every four weeks for millions of us, so having underwear that can help to manage the effects of our menstrual cycle is always welcome. Period briefs can soak up even the heaviest of flows, which is a more eco-friendly option than pads or tampons – they are surprisingly comfortable too. They are made of highly absorbent material, which needs washing at the end of the day; then, they can be worn again. 


When it comes to exercise, you need to have the right underwear to complete a successful workout. You should ensure your breasts have plenty of support and are tightly in place – this is usually best done with a sports bra. As well as this, cotton knickers are one of your best options for down below, as this material wicks away sweat. Therefore, cotton reduces the chance of unpleasant odors, leaving you as fresh as can be throughout your workout

Lounge and Sleepwear

When in your own home, you want to be as comfortable as possible. So, avoid any underwear that is going to restrict you. Stretchy, cozy materials are excellent for you to wear when lounging and sleeping. Breathable materials that don’t dig into you are ideal. Comfortable bodysuits can be great to wear at home, as these one-pieces can act as your underwear while keeping your body nicely supported. 

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