Using all your vehicles in a transport caravan makes sense if you have a large household to move to. Ensure that young drivers are not overloaded with too much stuff or too big of a vehicle when doing this. There are also other ways to ease the stress of moving your family.

DIY What You Can

If you have several household drivers and vehicles that will quickly make the trip, moving as much as possible on your own can reduce costs and make the whole move more manageable. For example, if you have a sedan, a minivan, and an SUV, each can be used to haul a lot of your belongings.

Of course, if one car is tiny, it may make more sense to ship that vehicle. It’s probably also a good idea to use motorcycle shippers and professional transporters for off-road vehicles. If you have experience towing a trailer, moving motorcycles and bicycles on your own may make it more sensitive. However, you may find your towing capacity is already filled with other fragile household items. In this case, managing the extra responsibility of transporting your motorcycle may be difficult or impossible.

Move Small Children In Their Usual Vehicle

If you have one vehicle that always has a car seat or a booster, don’t relocate the children on the day of the move. If you need to move those seats to a small sedan, do so right now to avoid extra moving day stress. Let the little ones acclimate.

Dig out the manual for your minivan and see what it will take to remove the seats if they don’t fold down. Minivans have decent suspension and are built for hauling and transporting families. If you’re going to fill up a minivan to the roof because your hauling needs are extreme, ensure the load right behind the driver is highly stable and well braced, preferably from floor to ceiling. Sudden stops happen; you don’t need a tall stack of boxes tumbling against the driver.

Get A Set of Walkie-Talkies

Just in case you lose signal on the road, a set of walkie-talkies for up to 4 vehicles can do a lot to keep folks connected. You may or may not choose to caravan; for example, smaller vehicles may be able to get further down the road and get a table at a restaurant or get to the next hotel or rental home.

If you are traveling with many vehicles and each is loaded, consider renting a house to stay with your clan. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you will be able to put cars in the driveway and block them in. Waking up in a hotel and finding out that your vehicle has been broken into or stolen is a worry that may limit your rest. With vehicles blocked in a driveway, you have less risk of theft.

Choose A Vehicle For Delicates

You can save packing material and boxing time when loading up electronics by layering your computers and televisions among your sofa cushions, extra linens, and even mattress toppers.

For best results, consider folding towels into pillowcases for a flat cushion. If you have delicate glass items and don’t want to bubble wrap everything, wrapping items in towels, cushions, throws, and pillows and putting them in a larger box can save your moving budget. Load these into the vehicle driven by the slowest, least rushed driver. A driver that accelerates slowly and brakes early will put the slightest pressure on delicate electronics.

Hire A Truck For The Big Stuff

Depending on your age and fitness level, hiring someone to load the most significant truck is a good idea. Not only will you protect your belongings, but you will protect your health. Additionally, it’s a good idea also to hire a driver who can manage the most significant moving truck.

Suppose you have a large entertainment center, a piano, or heavy appliances and tools that need to be moved to your new home. In that case, a professional moving company will have the tools and insurance to cover losses. Even if your friends can help you load all these possessions, the risk of harming a loved one by relocating a massive chest of drawers is not worth the risk.

A big move takes a lot of planning. Making such a move with many vehicles can make it possible to move in shifts, depending on the distance between houses. Carefully review your schedules before committing to use personal vehicles; hiring two big trucks may be simple enough to make it worth your while.

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