Have you ever reviewed for hours the night before a big exam, only for your mind to go blank as soon as you look at it? Or maybe you forgot what you’re supposed to do, so you had to retrace your steps to remember it? Both of these situations could be signs of memory loss. However, people forget things most of the time. 

How To Retain Sharp Memory

Because of how inconvenient—sometimes dangerous—it is to forget, you must learn to polish your mind and maintain its sharpness. To do that, read more for some tips that might help.

Try A Healthy Diet 

The human body reaches its peak when consuming food that helps nourish its need for nutrients. Luckily, fresh products typically contain vitamins and minerals that cater to specific aspects of your body depending on their purpose. For example, eating food with omega-3 acid and antioxidants could effectively prevent memory loss. Some samples of these foods are fish and berries, respectively.

Although, it’s highly recommended you cut down from eating food with too much sugar, as well as processed carbohydrates. While these kinds of food are usually more delicious, they target your blood sugar levels more than nourishing your entire body. This applies to those who have pre-packaged goods and fast food as their normal diet.

With the help of pharmaceuticals, you can also try out supplements designed to store a focused amount of nutrients of your choosing. These vitamins have already undergone extensive research by Wholistic Research and other pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure their effectiveness.

Take Time To Meditate

Admittedly, life tends to be too much to handle at times. Because of how hectic it is, there’s no doubt you might forget some things in the middle of all of it. This amount of stress increases the likelihood of losing your memory eventually.

Having a moment to yourself is a nice retreat from your busy life. However, to make each second count, you can spend your time meditating to help your brain recuperate. If done properly, doing some meditative exercises can lower the stress and pain you’ve significantly accumulated over time.   

Because of how inconvenient—sometimes dangerous—it is to forget, you must learn to polish your mind and maintain its sharpness. To do that, read more for some tips that might help retain sharp memory.

Have A Proper Sleep Schedule

Every living organism requires sleep to function properly. Because without it, there’s a likely chance they’ll fall prey to their natural enemies. Although humans don’t have ‘natural enemies’ the same way animals do, sleep still plays an essential part in their survival.

As mentioned earlier, having too much stress can wear anyone down physically and mentally. With your nervous system calling the shots, stress could severely influence the rest of your body until you fail to perform your tasks anymore. Therefore, it’s safe to say that depriving yourself of sleeping properly can leave a huge blow to your lifestyle.

Learn to manage your life choices as much as possible. Acknowledge the fact that everyone has limits, and you’re not exempted. Bearing this in mind should be the start of you controlling your life by removing some load off your shoulders. Once you’ve set aside which one you should prioritize more, you finally have the time to catch up on your sleep.

Exercise Your Brain

Since it’s technically made out of muscles, training your brain is a great way to keep your mind active. But instead of making it do push-ups or burpees, you can exercise it by stimulating its cognition. Socialize with your peers or meet new people who share your interests. Start new hobbies that caught your eye and interest. Do puzzles in your downtime—better yet, have loved ones over to play games with them or just simply read a book.

The brain is not designed for dormancy. Much like the same muscles you use to lift things, the brain needs to have something entertaining to function properly. Because without it, it can go dull over time as it keeps you from using it to the fullest unless you stimulate it again. After all, providing it with stimulation is the only way to exercise it. 

Be Mindful

Because of how busy one’s life tends to be, practicing mindfulness is often forgotten. However, if you want to stay on top of memory loss, you need to be aware of what you’re currently doing. By paying attention to what you have now, your brain can take its time processing the information you’re giving it, therefore storing it clearly for you to go back to later on.

But if you don’t have too much time on your hands, be mindful by noting the details down. Regardless of whether you’re doing this on your phone or a piece of paper, what’s important is you list down everything that caught your eye at a glance. Once you do this, you’re still likely to remember it when you’ve read the note you made.

The Bottom-line

Forgetting something can be extremely stressful depending on its importance. However, memory loss is a condition that can happen over time and severely affect your lifestyle. Still, the only way this can happen is if you let it be. By practicing helpful tips to stimulate your mind, the likelihood of memory loss could be significantly lower. 

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