For anyone who has school-age children, charter schools are increasingly a topic of conversation, especially during May, when National Charter School Week kicks off.

Charter schools are publicly funded schools operated independently of the local school system. These schools can adapt policies, management styles, and success metrics.

5 Reasons Charter School Numbers Continue to Grow

Since the first charter schools opened in the early 1990s, they have only grown in popularity throughout the country. Nearly every state has at least one charter school, and in California, nearly 300,000 students attend charter schools.

There is no doubt you’re wondering what makes these schools so great. Well, let’s break down the reasons Charter School numbers continue to grow:

1. More opportunities for innovation

Every school, regardless of what type, should be treasured for the opportunities they provide; however, there is no denying that some schools have a better system. Many public schools often face boards’ jurisdiction and county and state legislation. This makes it difficult for them to cater to the environment of their particular students.

On the other hand, charter schools like Global Outreach Charter Academy, one of the best rated charter schools in jacksonville fl, don’t always have to abide by all the rules. They have more flexibility in developing curriculum, projects, trips, and even staff members who can provide innovative lessons to students.

2. Unique environments for unique children

There isn’t a parent out there who doesn’t want the best for their children. In traditional public schools, children are often at risk of being left behind and can face a lack of personal attention when class sizes are too large. Charter schools are an opportunity to fix that situation. In these unique environments, every student has access to the best opportunities and individualized attention they need to succeed.

There are hundreds of success stories out there that show no matter what students are passionate about –– whether it’s arts, sciences, history, math, or any combination of the four –– charter school environments provide these children the opportunity to receive an education that caters to and further develops those passions.

Many parents with children is charter schools discover that these classrooms better prepare students for higher education, careers, and beyond.

3. Freedom of choice and adaptability

Traditional public schools face challenging jurisdiction from multiple governments that run multiple facilities at a time under a specific set of standards. Since charter schools are run by smaller organizations, including non-profits, educators, and parents, much of their structure depends on what those governing bodies want to see for the individual facility.

Most of the time, parents serve on these governing bodies, so whenever they see something that needs to change, they can easily make that change happen. Unlike traditional public schools that often require students to fill a specific mold to prevent failure, charter schools are essentially able to be molded to fit children’s needs to help them all succeed.

4. Safe and secure

Because organizations and parents often run the facility, charter schools are often much safer and more secure for students. While the environments offer great freedoms when it comes to opportunity, these schools often go above and beyond to ensure that students’ safety takes priority in every possible sense.

This can include building security, uniforms, stricter rules enforcement, moral codes, and even an emotional education focusing on leadership, honesty, integrity, and innovation.

5. Proven success

As much as parents and educators love to boast about the opportunities charter schools provide, the real success in these schools is seen in their ratings.

Over the past few years, charter schools have been nationally recognized by organizations, U.S. News and World Report, magazines, and multiple other outlets on how well their students are doing in regards to advanced academics, testing scores, and extracurricular leadership involvement. Most graduates from these schools also succeed in higher education and are successful in their careers.

Children deserve the best education possible. Every student is unique and has different passions requiring different lessons and involvement. With charter schools, those unique requirements can be developed with no delay or interruption because of the needs of others. Charter schools prove time and time again that with their system, children everywhere can be successful anywhere.

There Ya Go!

That was our five reasons why charter school numbers continue to grow. Great information to learn for National Charter School Week and the whole year round!

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