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With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, your wellbeing has become of even greater importance than before. Hospitals are full, doctors and therapists – busy, fitness centers and gyms – closed, people – locked down in their own homes. In such a situation, it’s a must to take care of your mind and body. But can you do it at home?

5 Home Wellness Tips to Feel Better in Times of Pandemic

Well, of course! You can easily prevent illnesses – physical and mental – at home by using these five wellness tricks. However, if you’re already experiencing some symptoms, like anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, or memory loss, make sure to get to the roots of them – for example, here: and treat the problem, not only the symptom. But, even though you may need medicine, physical activity, and relaxation techniques can help you get a lot better.

Want to know more about dealing with stress in times of pandemic and taking care of your wellness at home? Check out these easy but helpful wellness tips during the pandemic.

1.  Keep to Routine

When you don’t have to go to school or work, it’s extremely easy to fall out of your routine and stay in bed till noon or spend all days binge-watching Netflix. However, it’s essential to hold yourself to your daily routine, at least on weekdays. Try to adhere to the bed schedule; don’t stay up late; study and work at the same time as before. This will help you be motivated and healthy, not give in to stress, and meet all the deadlines.

If you distract easily, motivate yourself to use the Pomodoro technique or organize a work desk at home, which will help you feel like in the office. Aromatherapy can also be helpful – lemon, lavender, peppermint, or cinnamon essential oils are excellent for boosting your productivity.

2.  Exercise

Moving is extremely important for being healthy and fit. If you stay at home all the time, it’s normal if you start feeling tired and sleepy all the time – this is because you move less. However, closed gyms don’t mean you can’t exercise – do it at home. Even short-time training, 10 to 15 minutes, can burn some calories and reduce stress.

Try to do the same things as before: do the same exercises as you’ve been doing in the gym, or, if you’ve been walking or running a lot, think about getting a treadmill or only working at a standing desk. If you’re only starting working out, alternate the types of exercises and try to do things that seem fun – this way, you won’t get bored and give up easily.

3.  Control the Stress Level

Stress can seriously impact your immune system, so it’s always better to get those cortisol levels down. If you’re stressed because of work, family, or pandemic, it’s high time to think about meditation. You can do it on your own – lie in bed on your back, relax the body, close your eyes, and focus on the point between your eyes. Then, take a few deep breaths, and every time breathe out longer than you breathed in. The other way is to look for breathing and meditation techniques online.  

However, meditation doesn’t always mean lying in bed or sitting in the lotus pose. If you get bored or distracted quickly, try something else, like journaling or stretching – it will help you focus on the moment and relax.

4.  Eat Well

Good nutrition is essential for your immune system. Don’t worry. We’re not going to make you switch to eating salads all the time. Yes, salads are good for your body, but eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your food. Look for exciting and nutritious recipes online, try new cuisines, create healthy eating habits – for example, stop eating and watching TV or YouTube at the same time, and plan your meals.

Food has to nourish your soul and body and make you happy – so if your family orders pizza – join them. You’ll spend some quality time with the people you love, and thus will feel better. And, if you don’t want to adhere to diets, look into intuitive eating – perhaps you’ll find something helpful there.

5.  Sleep

It’s easy: if you don’t sleep enough, your body won’t get the rest it needs. You may not feel it – but your mood will change, and your immune system won’t be able to do its best to fight infections. A sleeping routine is essential – if you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, your body will know when it’ll be able to rest, and you won’t have to deal with insomnia at night and sleepiness in the morning.

If you have problems with going to sleep, think about reducing your screen time at least an hour before bed, and let your brain relax. Taking a hot bath, stretching, meditating, or reading will work great.

Wellness Tips During the Pandemic

In times of pandemic, it can be challenging to stay in good health and a good mood. However, with the right tools: sleep, well-balanced meals, relaxing techniques, and exercising – you can deal with everything.

You can easily forget about your wellbeing if you have problems at work or are stressed because of the COVID. In such situations, it’s important to prioritize yourself. If you feel incredibly stressed out, have a day off, take a relaxing hot bath, talk to the people you miss, go to sleep early. No one else will take care of you – do it yourself. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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