Are you struggling to find the right gift to give to an expectant mom? It can be hard to know precisely will or won’t be useful or even used at all, especially if you are not a parent yourself. With many companies claiming to sell the ideal gift for newborn babies or parents alike, the chances are many the more novelty items will remain just that: a novelty and not used so much.

5 Easy Gift Ideas for New Parents

So, what type of items will be much appreciated and, more importantly, an integral part of caring for a newborn baby?


A crib or Moses basket is a smaller version of a cot that a parent can move from room to room for the baby to sleep in. They can keep babies close to them and within easy reach should they pick them up for feeding or changing.

Many new parents rely on the crib for many months for ease and practicality. You can choose from traditional Plain Wicker Moses Baskets or more modern designs that not only rock on the stand but can also sway.


A newborn photoshoot for both mom and baby are ready can be such a thoughtful gift. This is a way to treasure those first few days or months with a baby that will last the rest of the time.

Choose from one-off photoshoots or packages that parents can use to capture the baby’s first year or a couple of years!

Baby Bath

Babies need baths, but a large tub designed for adults is often too big and intimidating for babies and parents alike. Gifting a smaller baby bath or one that easily fits inside a sink for on the go bathing when visiting family and friends, for vacations, or to avoid heading upstairs to the main bathroom. A baby bath is undoubtedly one of those useful gifts that new parents will always be happy to receive.

Diaper Bag

Gone are the days of grabbing your bank card and your keys and heading out the door. Leaving home with a newborn baby requires military precision and a whole host of items too. Get a diaper bag that is not only practical but stylish too.

Choose from a stroller bag that can double as a weekend bag to an on-trend backpack with compartments for bottles, breast pumps, diapers, wipes, and outfit changes. Parents can then leave these bags fully stocked to enable them to leave the house a little bit faster!


Those first weeks, once the baby is born, are intense. The last thing tired parents want to do is to pull on uncomfortable clothing. Gift mom loungewear perfect for those long sleepless nights and endless hours pacing the house or sitting down breastfeeding.

Bonus points for items that allowed for easy access for feeding too. After all, new parents have more to worry about than finding comfortable clothing suitable for nursing a newborn baby.

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