Eight out of ten people suffer from foot pain at some point. You can’t let this pain slow you down when you’re a hardworking mom. Finding ways to lessen the pain is essential for parents everywhere.

4 Ways to Relieve Pain on Top of Foot When Walking

Keep reading if you have trouble with pain on top of your foot when walking. Below are some easy ways to alleviate that pain and help you look after your little ones without distraction.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Most pain starts and lingers with inflammation. One of the best ways to help fight against foot pain when walking is to take anti-inflammation painkillers. This allows any swelling to go down and helps lessen the pain by a large margin.

NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, are perfect for taking the edge off and moving around without trouble. It’s not a cure for the underlying problem, but it makes it easier to manage until you heal.

Rest and Ice

If you never give yourself time to rest, you’ll likely injure your foot. That’s why you need to stay off of it as much as possible. It’s a difficult call for a working mom, but even a 20-minute break with ice is enough to help heal.

Whenever you get a few minutes to sit down and relax, prop up your feet and wrap some ice around the inflamed area. In addition, a foot soak can help relieve tension in your feet, with an Epsom salt foot soak having several potentially beneficial properties, so this is another excellent option.

New Shoes

Sometimes a simple change in your shoe choice can cause pain when walking. If your shoes are too small or loose, this can create many problems since your feet don’t have enough support. So, it’s better to have shoes that fit your feet and provide them with the comfort & support they need. Loom’s lightweight, flexible shoes will be the best choice for you. Made with the highest quality material, these shoes are lightweight & breathable, allowing your feet not to have any pressure on them while running or walking.

It’s best to go to a proper shoe shop and measure your feet for a perfect fit. Stop putting off the expense and indulge in a new pair of nice shoes, and a new pair of insoles. It’ll help your pain, and you’ve earned a little treat!

See a Foot Specialist

When all else fails, it’s time to see a foot specialist. These professionals know how to examine the cause of your foot pain and help you find a way to eliminate it. They’ll get to the root of the problem and feel better.

Try out the above tips first, but if your pain continues for over a week or worsens, find a specialist to help you. You need to be at your best to keep up with your kids, so don’t deny yourself some outside help when necessary.

Pain on Top of Your Foot When Walking

Now that you know how to lessen the pain on top of your foot when walking being the best mom around is even more comfortable. Whenever you start feeling an ache, come back and reread these tips.

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