Singapore is well-known for having high educational standards, so you can look into plenty of options if you want to provide your child with a top-notch environment for learning during your stay in the city-state. At the same time, it is a cosmopolitan city. There are a lot of international schools here that offer not only outstanding education but also the chance for your child to develop a global perspective while gaining access to international academic and professional opportunities. If you want to equip your child with future ready skills and foundational values that will serve them well no matter where they decide to stay in the future, it’s a wise option to look into the best international schools in Singapore.

4 Ways Attending an International School Will Help Your Child

Exactly how does enrolling in an international school help your child? Here are some of the advantages and opportunities they can pick up while studying in an international school.

Exposure to Different Cultures & Languages Early On

Language acquisition is a long and drawn-out process. While there’s the idea that children pick up new words and languages like a sponge, the truth of the matter is that the science behind language learning is much more complicated than this analogy. However, a good learning environment is always beneficial if you want your child to acquire, use, and develop mastery of a particular language. Language experts deem it critical for a child to start learning a language between ages 4 to 7, while others offer a wider window of between 6 to 16 years of age. These periods fall within a child’s primary education years.

International schools offer a supportive environment for children who are still in the process of grasping their mother tongue or acquiring their second, third, or even fourth languages. These schools often have language teachers who are also native speakers of the language they specialize in. Suppose you want your child to develop mastery of your mother tongue or encourage their interest in another language and culture. In that case, you’ll easily find the resources and support you need in an international school.

Your Child Will Receive Individualized Attention and Guidance

While they primarily cater to expatriate families, international schools in Singapore also teach about 0.5 percent of Singaporean students. On top of the lower level of demand from Singapore residents, most international schools also use smaller classes. This enables international school teachers to pay attention to the needs and developmental milestones of the students they are working with. Suppose your child can benefit from individualized attention from teachers and the availability of a robust support system in the form of counselors and mentors. In that case, an international school can meet their needs and help them reach their full potential as students and individuals.

Your Child Will Be One Step Closer to International Academic Opportunities

Many international schools offer academic tracks such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and Advanced Placement (AP) classes recognized by other academic institutions in many parts of the world. If you want your child to have the option to study in an international university or if you want them to enjoy a consistent learning program even if you have to move outside of Singapore in the future, then they have a better chance of doing so if they are enrolled in an international school.

Co-Curricular Activities & Events

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the education system in Singapore. These activities, which include sports clubs, art programs, and student societies, play a crucial role in the holistic development of the students in the country. Joining these activities will help your child explore new interests, learn social and emotional competencies, and acquire skills that will prepare them for future challenges.

Most international schools offer a lot of CCAs to their students, and many present their learners with the tools, technology, and guidance they need to develop their co-curricular interests. Perhaps your child has a particular interest in science, technology, language, or leadership—there are clubs in international schools where they can involve themselves in these pursuits. Some schools even hold events with their partner schools so that their students can exchange ideas with people from different places and perspectives.

Ways Attending an International School Will Help Your Child

It’s no mystery why many parents make it a point to look for the schools in Singapore that best match the needs of their children. Your choice of school for your child plays a significant role in their development, after all, and the learning environment your child will be exposed to as a student will influence their interests, values, and the skills and strategies that they’ll acquire as they slowly grow into themselves and take their place as members of society.

Enrolling your child in an international school as a primary school, middle school, or high school student will present them with the opportunity to receive a well-rounded yet globally competitive education that they can easily use wherever life takes them in the future. No matter if you’re staying in Singapore for good or just for the next few school years, it’s worth considering whether your chosen school will equip your child with the tools they need to become successful individuals and community members in the long run.

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