Are you looking for some practical survival tips for sending your child off to college? Keep reading for four amazing tips to make the transition easier!

It can be described as one of the proudest, most rewarding moments as a parent. It is well as one of the saddest and loneliest moments of being a parent.

Sending your child off to college is a massive moment in their life and yours. They are leaving the nest, off to create their path in life, and it’s up to you to support them and give them all your love. Of course, it’s all a lot easier said than done, as you’re bound to feel many highs and lows as they head off.

4 Survival Tips for Sending Your Child Off to College

Not to worry, though, as we’ve got you covered with some practical survival tips for sending your child off to college. Whether your child is off to attend college halfway across the country or is taking the exciting leap to and attending an international boarding schools, these top tips can help prepare both you and your child as they take their first steps into adulthood and independence. 

1) Help Them to Set Up Their Living Quarters

Whatever the type of student accommodation is that move into, there is bound to be some organizing to do. Knowing that they are set up with everything they need and will be comfortable will ease your mind. Some of the items you may need to purchase for them can include:

  • A mattress – be sure to look for local options to save on delivery and time. For example, if your child is attending college in Austin, then you’ll want to look for a mattress in Austin
  • Bedding – they will obviously need bedding for their new set-up
  • Storage and organization solutions – make sure you take into consideration how much space they have
  • Kitchen accessories, utensils, and appliances
  • A computer/laptop
  • A desk and chair if the accommodations aren’t furnished

2) Lend a Hand with Packing

There’s going to be a lot of packing that your child needs to do. Let’s face it, though, packing is never fun. You may want to lend a hand with this task and suggest that they purge in the process. There is no need to pack up everything they own when they likely won’t be using it all.

The right approach is to set up a few piles – keep at home, take with them, toss, or giveaway. They can go through items one by one, designating each piece to a specific pile. By the time it’s done, they will have streamlined which items they are taking or leaving behind.

3) Ensure They are Set-Up from a Tech Standpoint

In today’s highly dependent tech world, it’s also important your child is all set up with their computer, internet service, printer, and any other tech they use.

They need their computer up and running, ready to tackle all their assignments. And, let’s face it, having that strong and reliable internet connection also means they can stay in touch with you through video chats.

4) Keep a Positive Frame of Mind

There’s bound to be moments you feel sad about seeing your child off to college; it’s perfectly normal. As much as you may want to give in to those moments of sadness, it’s essential for you and your child that you keep a positive frame of mind. This is an exciting time in life, with plenty to be grateful for. Focusing on that can help to get you through that initial transition stage.

Remember, your child will be going through their feelings at the same time. They are probably feeling anxious about leaving their house. Support them and offer the confidence they need at the moment.

The Big Moment Will Finally Arrive

By using these tips, you’ll be staying busy, offering help, and support your child. Doing these will make the process easier for all.

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