Autistic children live in a different world because of certain impairments in their processing of sensory information. They may fail to notice or overreact to an environmental stimulus. This is why as parents or caretakers of Autistic children, you need to be careful about the averment they are placed in.

Key Tips for Designing Homes for Autistic Children

Childproofing the home for an autistic child is not easy as every parent is aware that there are no easy solutions. There could be risks due to curious and nosy neighbors or those kitchen appliances or even those stairs. The truth is that most homes don’t accommodate the needs of most autistic children. So, what do you do about that? All you need to do is keep the following cues in mind when designing homes for autistic children.

Start with the mindset that there is no ‘one size fits all that will work here. Suppose you design a room or space for one child with autism. In that case, it is for that child with autism and their individual set of characteristics with varying degrees of difficulties for social situations and behaviors.

Create a safe space

If your autistic child is sensory seeking, it is key to make sure their room is safe. First, always use good quality carpets for the flooring and buy safe furniture without any sharp edges. Crashpads, ball pits, and sensory swings are great additions to a room.

Cover all the electric points and make sure that there are no instruments or tools in the room that can pose a threat to the child. Keep all household medicines out of the reach of your child. If you want to take him out in the garden or backyard, make sure that there are no fertilizers, paints, bug spray, or other chemicals.

Sophisticated surveillance and locking system

Autistic children often love to explore the environment around him. The chances are that he may get into anything and everything he is not supposed to. Thus, ensure that all the drawers, cupboards, and doors in your home are secure and not easy to open. 

It is a also good idea to install a surveillance camera within the rooms & outside in case they elope.

Make use of technologies

Today, a wide range of technologies can promote independence and mitigate stress among autistic children. Make good use of intercom/telephone and camera at the exit/entry points. Use activity monitors and task prompting systems that help you monitor your child and make the child feel independent and have greater control over their lives. The Amazon Alexa has an amazing tool called blueprints that is free to use with any Alexa-enabled device.

Designing Homes for Autistic Children

Just follow the above tips when designing rooms for an autistic child. Once you feel confident and can establish routines with an autistic child, it is likely to increase both parent’s and children’s independence and confidence and minimize anxiety.

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