Are you looking for the best domestic violence defense strategies? Keep reading for tips on how to beat the charges when you’re innocent.

Twenty people per minute are abused by their partner, which is never okay. Domestic violence can cause mental, physical, and emotional distress to everyone involved, and if the situation continues, it can also cost someone their life.

4 Best Domestic Violence Defense Strategies When You’re Innocent

If you’ve found that you’ve been accused of domestic violence even though you’re innocent, you must begin developing your domestic violence defense strategy as soon as possible. This article will provide strategies to help you clear your name in court and in your community.

1. Find a Lawyer

When you’re arrested for domestic violence, you need to hire a domestic violence lawyer to represent you. It would be best to choose a lawyer specializing in domestic violence cases, such as a Georgia criminal defense attorney with a positive record for winning cases.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced legal clerk representing you in court, not knowing how to handle your case correctly.

2. Establish Your Credibility

If you’re accused of domestic violence and maintain that you’re innocent, the first thing that your legal team will use as a strategy is to establish your credibility and good reputation. They may call on witnesses that will vouch for your whereabouts during the time that the domestic abuse took place.

These witnesses may be family, friends, or neighbors who can attest to your mannerisms and character when clearing your name in the domestic violence case.

3. Find Holes in the Story

Another strategy that your defense team will use is to find inconsistencies in the victim’s story. They’re looking for any changes in their story. This is from when the crime occurred until you both appear in court for your hearing.

They will also use the records of the injuries to prove inconsistencies, such as when and where these injuries took place. Be aware that if there are inconsistencies in your story, it may damage your defense.

4. Self-Defense

If you’re going to argue that it was self-defense, your story must line up with that. Your legal representation may also have you see a doctor to document any wounds you sustained during self-defense.

In court, they can identify whether the wounds you sustained were due to defending yourself. This evidence can prove to be a turning point in your case.

Creating a Domestic Violence Defense That Results in Acquittal

When you’re coming up with a domestic violence defense to prove your innocence, always ensure you have all the documentation you need. It’s challenging to win a case when there is no evidence to provide in court.

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