Have you recently had a tooth extraction? To promote healing after a tooth extraction, you must know a few things.

Recovering from a tooth extraction can feel like a long and painful process. The good news is, if you take proper care of yourself post-surgery, you’ll help your mouth health properly and return to your routine in no time.

3 Ways to Promote Healing After a Tooth Extraction

Here are three things you need to do to promote tooth extraction healing.

1. Take Prescribed Medications

Your doctor will likely prescribe painkillers and antibiotics for you at home post-surgery. Make sure you follow your prescription and take your medication until it’s gone. Stopping antibiotics early can lead to infection.

2. Keep Your Mouth Clean

Keeping your mouth clean while healing is crucial to avoiding infection. You may not be able to brush your teeth right away, so it’s important to rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water after every meal or snack.

3. Eat the Right Foods

It’s challenging to know what to eat after tooth extraction or any other oral surgery type, but there are a few best practices to remember. Try foods that are soft and very easy to chew. You should avoid any food that is too hot or too cold as that can irritate your teeth.

Ensure you’re getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, as proper nutrition will help your body heal faster. Foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, in particular, support the healing process.

Have you recently had a tooth extraction? In order to promote healing after a tooth extraction, there are a few things you most know.

Things to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Now that you know some best practices, you’re well on your way to healing from a tooth extraction in no time. However, there are some things you should avoid doing that can set back your recovery. Here are some things you should never do after tooth extraction.

1. Smoking or Drinking Alcohol

Going a few days without these things might seem impossible if you’re used to smoking or drinking. But it’s crucial that you skip drinking and smoking because both can delay the healing process.

2. Exercise

Resting after any oral procedure is crucial for proper recovery. Avoid exercise or strenuous movement for at least two or three days after an extraction. Ask your doctor for clearance to exercise before you start moving again.

3. Hard Foods

As your mouth heals and starts to feel better, you might want to reach for chips, candy, or other complex and crunchy foods. This is a bad idea, and you should avoid these foods for a few weeks after your surgery to ensure your mouth is fully healed.

Healing After a Tooth Extraction

Oral surgeries are painful, but there are many things you can do to make the tooth extraction healing process move faster. These are just a few tips. The best thing you can do is listen to your dentist or oral surgeon and follow their instructions.

If something goes wrong, make sure you contact them immediately. Problems left unattended could make your condition worse and even cause infection. Once the extraction site has healed, check out dental implants in Chesapeake or near you to replace the missing teeth and keep your dental health in good condition.

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