Right Bed Size for Your Child

As children grow, it is essential for them to feel like they have their own space. They begin to want to tailor their environment by putting up hand-drawn decorations or having a say in the bedspread color they use.

Another major part of a child customizing their space is getting their furniture. As a parent, you want to find the right size bed for your child. The safety of your child is your primary concern. At the same time, you want to purchase furniture that will grow with your child for at least a couple of years.

There are several standard bed sizes, ranging from twin to king. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bed size for your child.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Bed Size for Your Child

When choosing the bed size that will fit your child, think about how tall they currently are and how tall they will probably be in the next two years. Will a twin or twin XL be best for their size.

Also, think about your child’s current strength and dexterity. Can they climb? Are they able to maintain the right balance and maneuverability? An excellent way to judge this is to think about their activities when they are playing outside. Can they climb trees? Do they move around the playground freely? Are they confident when moving around on elevated surfaces?

To get the right measurement, you want to measure your child from their head to their feet. Next, measure from a sitting surface to the top of their head. These measurements will help you determine the bed to child height ratio you need.

The Right Bed for the Right Age

Prekindergarten through Four Years Old

The first bed, your child, sleeps in after a crib should be low to the ground. Many parents choose a twin-size bed or a daybed. Having a guard rail is an excellent safety feature. The rail should be sturdy enough to prevent your child from falling out of the bed.

An average twin bed will sit at around 11.75 inches from the ground to the surface where the bed rests. On top of that, you may put a five-inch mattress. This means that the height of the sleeping surface to the ground is 16.75 inches. Some parents opt for a trundle bed that provides a second space for parents or siblings to sleep.

Kindergarten through Third Grade

At this age, six through nine, children enjoy climbing on playground equipment. For them, a low loft bed may be a perfect option. These beds will measure around 50 inches from the floor to the top of the bed, not including the mattress’s height. There is a space of around 33.5 inches under the bed. These beds are perfect for kids 40 inches or taller.

Fourth Grade through Middle School

When a child is ten years of age and older, they go through growth spurts. A high loft with a bed height of 71 inches is perfect for children 50 inches or taller.

The area underneath the loft can be personalized with a desk, dresser, or other pieces of furniture tailored to the child. A high loft bed works well in rooms that are at least eight feet high.

Finding the Right Bed Size for Your Child

Using the dimensions above as a guide, you should find the bed size that is right for your child. Choosing the right bed will largely depend on their age and their height. This will dictate the style of the bed and the material used, and the quality of the furniture that will be needed.

Nowadays, there is a large variety of multi-functional furniture options on the market. You may consider a bed that also doubles as a desk or incorporates doors to add more variety to the furniture in your child’s room.

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