It is not always the smartest people who are the most successful in life. Generally, academically strong people are socially inept. Because of this, they are not as successful as others in their relationships or at work. So, a high Intellectual Quotient (IQ) is not enough to succeed. IQ can get you into college, but your emotional quotient (EQ) will help you manage the stress and emotions accompanying academic life. IQ and EQ are like the wheels of a bicycle. Both need each other and work best when they appear together.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to operate and interact with your sentiments as well as the feelings of others. It involves:

  • Reasoning and thinking with emotions
  • Perceiving and identifying emotions.
  • Regulating and managing emotions.

Emotional intelligence is necessary for everyone, but students can benefit significantly from it in academics. Emotional intelligence will give them the mental composure to deal with all kinds of stress.

How can emotional intelligence help students succeed? 

Students who enter the professional phase of their lives can fulfill their goals quickly if they have emotional intelligence. Whether they want to become a teacher, physiotherapist, doctor, or nurse, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in any career they choose – and it also affects how fast they can reach their career goals. 

For instance, nurses are responsible for saving people’s lives, and it could not have been possible if they did not have the mental strength to regulate their emotions. The job also comes with the expectations of better academic qualifications, so most RNs enroll in an online BSN while also working their shifts. 

But how can they succeed in managing both their studies and their job? While an online program plays its part – it all comes down to how well their mind is equipped to handle their emotions and deal with this vital point in their lives. Emotional intelligence can help them navigate negative emotions, manage workplace and academic pressure, and help them overcome issues. 

Why should students hone emotional intelligence?

According to the Levo Institute of Study, 80% of employees consider emotional intelligence a career must-have. Emotionally intelligent students are better equipped to deal with negativity, making them well-shaped individuals for a hectic work environment.

Developing emotional intelligence in the early stages of life prepares students for life’s challenges. For instance, university students with high EI are likely to be:

  • more optimistic and joyful
  • less anxious
  • healthy and active

A few significant advantages of emotional intelligence for students are listed below:

Empathy and Sharing Feelings

It is vital because creating and maintaining friendships requires a keen sense of empathy, which is easy to have with high emotional intelligence. Empathy helps students connect with their peers easily and makes the learning environment healthy and constructive. Students should hone their emotional intelligence to help them develop friends who will support them in their studies and lives. 

The strongest trait of students with high emotional intelligence is that they never shy away from sharing their feelings with others. Students are usually hesitant to talk about their feelings. This bottling of emotions can lead to high levels of self-doubt and stress, resulting in depression. If the students hone their emotional intelligence and share what is on their minds, they can avoid anxiety and depression caused by their academics.

Self-awareness and Better Stress Management

Self-awareness means being in touch with one’s feelings. These feelings can either be positive or negative. This self-awareness enables students to scan out negativity and keep themselves brimming with positive vibes. An emotionally intelligent student will have self-awareness. No one has to guide them with their tasks since they are fully committed to themselves. 

With this understanding comes the perk of managing their emotions well. Emotional intelligence is a catalyst for controlling all factors leading to stress and living a calm, peaceful life. Students can only work through stress if they understand and manage the overwhelming emotions. It can ease the burden of academics and save them from everyday misery. 

Better Satisfaction Levels

Life is not a bed of roses. There will always be challenges, but you should always learn to be content with where you are. This kind of outlook on life will always keep you satisfied. A solid emotional foundation can help students solve their problems in academic and professional life.

So, to live a fulfilled life, it would always be a wise choice for students to hone their emotional intelligence. Students who do not hone their emotional intelligence are never satisfied; because of this, they always feel like they are drowning under the pressure of studies. 

How Can Students Develop Emotional Intelligence?

The first step is to assess where you stand right now regarding emotional intelligence. A few reasonable steps for any student to discover where they stand in terms of emotional intelligence are to check if they:

  • Are curious about how people are feeling and what they are going through
  • Can take constructive criticism without making any excuses or blaming someone else
  • Do not hold grudges and forgive people for the wrong they have done to them
  • They are good listeners, and people like to share their happy and sad moments with them
  • Can deal with the toxic mindsets of people without being annoyed
  • Are straightforward and never shy away from tough conversations

Final Thoughts:

Everyone needs to develop emotional intelligence to maintain a healthy professional life. Emotional intelligence will help students stand out in every aspect of life. The empathy created in their hearts from enhancing their emotional intelligence will make them better people. This sensitivity of feeling for others shall always make them better, kinder, and more successful people. So take that first step in improving your emotional intelligence because the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

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