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In your generation, you may have sailed through most of your adult life without stopping to consider what programmers and coders even do. You may have never even heard of such professions if you’re someone who isn’t into technology and all the other advancements in the digital world. 

3 Reasons To Teach Your Kids Coding

However, you may want to think twice about raising your kids the same way. It’s no surprise that the world is quickly changing, and things are no longer what they used to be. Finding a well-paying job has become one of the hardest things to do these days, even with a college degree. But don’t worry, we’re here to tell you why you should consider teaching your kids coding and what are the hidden benefits that may aid them in the future if they start learning now. Let’s dive right in!

1. Coding is Highly In-Demand

If you took a peek into the digital world right now, you’d notice that there are thousands of new applications coming into the market daily. Traditional businesses are now shifting online, and almost anything and everything can be done on your mobile phone with the right applications. The digital era is steadily growing every day, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. 

This is one of the primary reasons why jobs that involve programming and coding are highly in-demand at the moment. Some numerous online classes and tutorials teach young adults how to code in a few days, and it’s a skill that’s coming in handy for many youngsters who are struggling to find a job in the current economy. 

Here’s why it’s a great idea to teach your kids how to code while they’re still young. You might be wondering – what is coding for kids? Simply put, it’s a simplified way of teaching young kids the basics of coding through games and other fun activities, so they can later have a strong foundation and working knowledge of its principles when they start seriously learning how to code with tutors and courses. These games will set the groundwork and help your child understand the basics of coding, which is quickly becoming a crucial skill that will help anyone in the world today. 

2. Teach Them To Work For Themselves

Working a 9 to 5 may have been the American dream in the last century, but now, most people have realized the side effects of a hectic corporate job and how it affects one’s lifestyle and mental health. This is one reason freelancing is becoming popular each year: people are starting to realize that they can earn much more while working on their own schedule, from the comfort of their own homes. 


In the future, freelancing may become the norm, and everyone who has a skill that they can freelance will automatically have an advantage over those who don’t. This is one of the reasons why skills like coding will benefit your kids in the long run and help them get financially independent while they’re still in their teens or early 20s. 

3. It Makes Them Smarter

Apart from the long-term benefits of learning to code and getting freelance jobs while they’re still young, coding can also help your kids excel in high-school. Once your kids understand the basics of coding and how they can solve problems that arise there, transitioning into more complex coding languages when they’re in school will be a piece of cake. You may even instill a passion in them, which will lead them to excel in the career path they choose in the future.

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism advocate, writer, motivational speaker, and dedicated mom of four. Alicia’s desire to advocate for Autism comes from her own autism diagnosis and that of her three children, niece, and brother. Her life’s mission is to educate on autism acceptance and change the world for future generations of autistic individuals.

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