We’ve all been there. You go to put the washing on, only to discover that the washing machine is not working. No amount of jiggling, switching it on and off, or repeatedly opening or closing the door will get it to work. So, you pull it out, check the socket, make sure the pipes are not blocked, and look for coins and other debris in the drain trap. Then, you conclude that is it and call the repairer or go online and order a new one.

Most of us never stop to consider the third solution, which is to repair your appliance yourself. We tend to assume that it is beyond us to do so. In the past, that would have likely been true for most people. But, today, this is rarely the case.

3 reasons to Give Repairing Your Appliances a Try

The majority of us already own the necessary tools to repair, and there are plenty of YouTube videos available to help you troubleshoot the problem. To work out what is wrong so that you can order the right parts. Then all you need to do is to watch a how-to video, like this one, to find out how to repair.

There are hundreds available, so it is not hard to find one for your model. Or failing that, a general repair video that still gives you enough information to get the job done.

So, why not try repairing your appliances yourself? Here are just a few reasons to do so.

It will save you money

Most of the time, the repair cost will be far lower than buying a replacement appliance would be. However, it is always worth double-checking that this is the case.

You will learn new skills

Whenever you do something new, you increase or improve your skills. Of course, this is good for your mind. But, perhaps, more importantly, it also opens up the opportunity for you to do other kinds of work should you lose your job.

It is good for the environment

According to this article, in 2015, humankind dumped an astonishing 41.8m tonnes of white goods into landfills. Many of those items contain materials that become dangerous as they decay.

Repairing your appliances and white goods instead of automatically throwing them away will be good for the environment. Especially when you consider the amount of energy it takes to recycle old materials or produce something like a brand-new washing machine.

Give Repairing Your Appliances a Try

So, the next time your coffee maker splutters to a stop or your fridge door drops and won’t close properly, don’t throw it away. Try to repair it first. You will learn a lot, save money, and be helping the environment.

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