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As a property agent, staying current with property selling trends is essential. In addition, understanding what it takes for someone to sign a lease makes renting units that much easier.

Currently, a popular selling tool that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon is virtual tours.

Creating virtual tours gives prospective buyers the chance to see apartments up close. And the beauty of a virtual tour is they won’t ever have to set foot inside the physical unit. (Unless they decide to rent an apartment, that is.)

3 Must Have Tips to Create Awesome Virtual Tours

360-degree tours are fastly becoming the norm for property managers. So, if you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, now’s your chance!

To start developing incredible virtual tours, here are three things to keep in mind.

1. Buy the Right Equipment

Your goal should be to have virtual tours that make people excited about your property. But to do that, first, you need to have the appropriate equipment.

Getting the right gear sounds intimidating, but the main thing you’ll need is a 360-degree camera. Having this type of camera allows you to get the shots you need to create a virtual tour.

You’ll likely decide to use virtual tour software. If you do, find out if they’ll offer any discounts on equipment. You may be able to get the type of camera and other gear you need without spending an arm and a leg.

3. Make the Rooms Appealing

It’s hard to rent apartments without them looking attractive and decorated well. So work hard to stage them so that anyone who views the units online will be impressed.

It’s vital to make each room look nice with furniture and other elements. And yet, you still should be able to have a clear view of each room.

Have a balance between decorating and capturing clear shots of each room. You don’t want to detract from the unit with too many things.

So focus on capturing clear and sharp photos of each room. You can do this with a clear view and excellent lighting that’ll showcase everything well.

3. Lean On a Virtual Management Team

Since you’re focused on virtual tours, why not have a virtual management team as well?

Having a virtual team makes it easy to have a leasing agent reach out to any interested party. For example, if a prospective renter already toured the unit online, a virtual management team can answer questions. They can also point out other features and bring up other selling points.

LeaseLeads is one virtual property management team that can help you achieve your goals. Having an online team would be a great addition to your virtual renting process.

Combined with virtual tours, you have an even stronger chance of renting all your units!

Bonus: Add Something Extra to Your Virtual Tours

If you have brand colors and fonts, use them in your virtual tour. Then, while assembling everything, you can have fun, including your colors, fonts, and logo.

Identify certain rooms you want to highlight or sell features, such as a walk-in closet. Not every unit has a walk-in closet or extra space, so pointing that out could help you rent it.

Other ideas are to add pop-up windows, which can include additional details about the unit. The more you personalize the tour, the better. You’ll increase the chances of getting someone interested enough to contact you.


Creating virtual tours is a wise decision. When it’s done correctly, it should help you gain interest from your ideal market. Even though there’s a bit of a learning curve, offering virtual tours will pay off in the long run.

So get the right gear and software so you can start creating virtual tours online. Having virtual tours on your website can give you an edge over your competitors.

If they have yet to offer virtual tours, they may not get as much traffic. You, on the other hand, can achieve greater interest and likely rent out more units.

So get to work — you have virtual tours to make!

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