Aging populations globally are at a rate of steady increase due to advances in medical science and the mechanisms of early detection and preventative medical care. As more of a country’s population is in the elderly bracket, seniors and their caretakers need to adopt lifestyles that can lead to a healthier, more productive life. Here are a few essential health tips for seniors that can drastically improve their quality of life and enable them to spend time with the ones they love. 

Here are a few essential health tips for seniors that can drastically improve their quality of life and enable them to spend time with the ones they love

1. Let Go Of Harmful Habits

Some people smoke, drink, do recreational drugs or consume a lot of junk food daily. While it is assumed that the effects of these habits can be better tolerated when one is younger, the damage accumulates and reaches a high point after 50 or 60 years of age. 

Seniors should be encouraged or counseled to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, painkillers or SSRIs, smoking, and other harmful habits and ways of life. Healthier eating and natural medications or supplements can be great for the longevity of the individual and the treatment of chronic illnesses such as arthritis or other inflammatory disorders. 

2. Screening & Prevention 

For the elderly, getting screened regularly and being up to date on their relevant blood work is vital. Prevention is critical when an individual is older because many surgical or medical interventions become less effective or inappropriate for elderly patients. Getting screened for illnesses for which one has a genetic disposition, such as breast cancer, can also be a lifesaving action. The earlier certain diseases are detected, the better they can be managed in the long run. Schedule regular screenings and immunizations as often as the doctor recommends and at least twice a year. 

3. Weight And Exercise 

Maintaining a healthy weight according to the person’s BMI and general physique is of the utmost importance. Obesity at any level invites diseases such as heart problems, cholesterol problems, diabetes, etc. Not to mention it can worsen age-related illnesses such as osteoporosis. Seniors can discuss investing in devices to help them move around with a mobility equipment supplier, so that exercise and the execution of daily tasks are fewer efforts.

Activities like swimming, for example, are encouraged for older people in relation to running or squats, which can put needless strain on weak joints. Any activity, even an introductory slow walk in the evening, can help seniors’ mental and physical health. Part of maintaining a healthy weight is eating right, so loved ones should monitor what their elders eat and encourage them to consume healthy fats like nuts and snack on low-calorie, high-fiber delights such as granola bars or oat cookies. 

Shiva baskets, a kosher offering for those going through grief or loss, are a beautiful example of treats that loved ones can give an elderly parent or relative who is suffering from the loss of a spouse or someone near them or generally going through a tough time. Shiva baskets include fruits, chocolates, and nuts. 

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