Reading is not the most popular hobby among kids, but this habit is the one that will come in handy in their education and further life. They need to understand the value of reading independently, but parents can fasten this process. No practice will work effectively if parents force them to read boring books.

10 Tips to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

In this post, we are glad to share the efficient ways and tips that will help parents to instill the love of reading quickly and easily. If you have tried numerous ways to make your kids love to read, and all of them were failures, we recommend paying much attention to this article and discovering how to help your child fall in love with reading.

Discover how to help your child fall in love with reading with these efficient tips. Give them a choice, talk about books, create a calm reading spot, and more!

Give kids the freedom to choose the books they want

If you are willing to instill the love of reading in your kids for the short term, giving a free choice is the first and essential condition. Don’t try to force them to read the books from the school program or school summer programs. It is better to start with less. Let them read the books they would love to read. That is how they can learn to divide books into useful ones required for their education and development and books just for fun and pleasure.

Suggest watching a movie based on a book.

Numerous books have movie adaptations. Some films are worse than books, while others are much better. Commonly, the books contain more details and descriptions that cannot fit the two-hour movie, meaning this is a rare case where all events from the book are adapted into the film. Besides, kids indeed love watching TV much more than reading books. So this would be a great motivation—one book means one film. In addition, we recommend selecting high-grade movies so that kids are not disappointed with watching them. 

Ask more questions to engage kids.

Discuss all books your kids read or are willing to read. Ask for details about their favorite characters, events, writing styles, or part of the book. Seeing you engaged in their reading will encourage them to continue reading and make it a habit. When reading, children get numerous new emotions, impressions, and feelings and would like to share them with someone else. So, stay involved in what book your kids are reading now so as not to miss the time for discussion. 

Create a cozy corner for reading at home.

The place of reading is more essential than you think. Reading requires deepening into the book world, which is possible in a quiet and friendly place. So, foremost, you must arrange a calm place in your house or backyard and furnish it with a comfortable chair or sofa and suitable, pleasant lighting to make this place attractive. This occupation will be related more to chilling than to responsibility for kids.

Fill your bookshelves with various books.

All books that are interesting for your kids need to be easily accessible. If you don’t have enough bookshelves, you need additional spaces for new books. Also, listen to your kids more attentively and try to combine valuable books with those that look appealing to them, not to you only. Put the books around your house so they would be in sight of your kids. Some days, in case they are bored, they can read instead of watching TV.

Be an example to follow.

If your children have never seen you reading, then how can you recommend them reading as a great, helpful habit for every day?  Parents are usually role models for their kids. You are the best way to instill the love of reading in your children. Don’t forget to pick new books for yourself and read them, not just put them far away on the bookshelf. You can also spend time reading together and discussing your impression of a new book, which unites your family. 

Support your kids in what they are doing.

Nothing can be more attractive than intelligence in people. Indeed, nobody likes intelligent kids at school for many reasons, as children tend to think that education is not necessary for success in life. When kids grow, they value getting new knowledge, developing their skills, etc. As a parent, you must constantly support your kids and build their confidence in their actions. Prove that intelligence is cool and reading only replenishes their knowledge in many spheres. 

Discover how to help your child fall in love with reading with these efficient tips. Give them a choice, talk about books, create a calm reading spot, and more!

Present books for holidays

As the writing reviews service All Top Reviews suggests, a book or set of books is an excellent idea as a present for any feast like a birthday, Christmas, New Year, and so on. However, it should not be a simple regular book. Choose your kids’ favorite books and buy them in a unique or limited edition, maybe with the author’s signature. We promise your kids will be extremely excited about such a present idea. Unique books will be a special gift for your kids that they will surely value.

Don’t encourage long breaks.

Reading doesn’t love long breaks, as it has been a regular activity for your kids. Whether you are going on vacation, summer camp, or whatever, your children should take a favorite book to read free from games and have fun. If kids take a long break, they will probably have to start from the beginning to get used to this occupation again. 

Start regular reading gradually.

Don’t set any unrealistic deadlines for reading books. Kids need to read what they want during the time they want and the number of pages they would love to read. Please don’t force them to read the entire book for three days. It will work negatively in instilling the love of reading. They boldly can start from 15-20 pages per day, not to overload their mind with a vast amount of brand-new information. If the book interacts with them, they will stop counting the pages and read with great pleasure. 

Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading

Instilling the love to read in kids of different ages is possible and not as complicated as many parents think. The secret is understanding your kids’ preferences and the regularity of reading to make it a habit. Let your kids read the books they like, and you will have no problems with it at all. 

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