Creative Activities That You Can Do With Your Kids

It isn’t easy coming up with creative activities for kids to be entertained and have their brains stimulated. Short attention spans and hyperactive behavior need fun and creative stimulus, and as a parent, it can be pretty challenging trying to conjure entertaining activities to keep them engaged.

Creative Activities for Kids: 10 Exciting & Stimulating Ideas for Children

Indeed activities are perfect for the kids’ entertainment and engagement; they can also be a great time to simultaneously develop essential motor skills and dexterity. In this article, I have listed ten creative activities that you can do with your kids to keep them engaged and help develop some essential skills.

It isn't easy coming up with creative activities for kids to be entertained & have their brains stimulated. These 10 activities will change your parenting game

1. Back-and-forth Drawing

A great activity that will require active participation from the parent and the kid, giving you some quality bonding time with your child. The action or game involves drawing a common picture; alternatively, you begin the drawing with a single curve/line and then pass the graphic to your kid.

Your child then draws something that they think might fit the picture, so the game continues. The activity is loads of fun and forces your child to think on their feet and unlock their creative potential.

2. Pet Portraits

Pets are an infinite source of fun for kids. Most pets exhibit similar child-like behavior, so kids gel well with them and make their lives easier. But as a parent, you want to get involved in their fun, and I have just the thing for you.

Pet portraits by CanvasPop. Create beautiful pictures of your pets by planning a fun photoshoot of them with your kids. The whole process is unlimited fun, and the children will also learn a bit about photography and maybe develop an interest in it. Get your pets’ photos converted into pet portraits with Canvaspop and freeze that lovely memory on the walls.

3. Finger Painting

Getting messy with colors and letting them fly is undeniable fun and enjoyable with your kid. Finger painting is relatively easy and does not demand much attention, so the process is quite entertaining and a little chaotic. You don’t need a lot of equipment to do this activity.

A set of watercolors (avoid acrylic as they stain permanently and are not entirely safe for small kids), some newspapers lessen the damage, and a painting paper or canvas. Let your kids draw shapes and patterns with their fingers and get involved in the fun.

4. Playdough Fun

I don’t know what it is about clay, but playing with them and building random shapes is too much fun. Of course, you cannot let your toddler or kid play with clay, so the apparent substitute is Playdough.

Playdough has been around for a long time, and rightfully so. Just give your kid some of it and let their imagination run wild. Get involved with them, and you could help them develop new skills as you have fun.

5. Play with Stickers

Get a wad of stickers and let your child slowly peel them without tearing the paper. Peeling and sticking stickers is very satisfying and naturally fun. Use big puffy stickers. These stickers will stimulate your sense of touch. While the stickers are great fun to play with, you can also get involved and develop your motor skills and patience while removing them.

6. Cut and Glue

Learning to use a pair of child scissors is a motor skill that every kid must learn sooner or later. Incorporate this lesson into a fun-filled session of cutting pre-determined shapes and gluing them together to create artworks. Encourage your children to cut pre-determined shapes to boost their capabilities and make the activity more challenging.

7. Hand Puppets

Kids of all age groups find puppets and puppet shows fascinating. Encourage this fascination by helping them bring their puppet imaginations to life. You need some old socks, googly eyes, and some bits of felt and yarn.

You can collect these supplies individually or use a puppet kit from the market. You can also take it a step further by hosting your puppet show with the puppets made by your kids.

8. At-Home Laser Maze

Let your kids be the protagonist of James Bond or Mission Impossible and clear this obstacle like a spy. Create a DIY laser maze with crepe paper and let your children live all their spy fantasies. The process is quite simple. All you need is some tape and rolls of crepe paper.

Just stick these papers in your hallway, connecting the opposite walls creating the illusion of multiple lasers crisscrossing across the borders. Let your kids get through this maze without tearing the paper, and watch them bring out their acrobatic skills. Challenge yourself and try clearing the maze too!

9. DIY Bookmarks

Encourage your kids to read books and novels as a hobby with this fun little activity. All you need is some colorful paper, colors, scissors, and glue. Supply your kids with the items and create cute and fun bookmarks that motivate them to read more books.

This activity is also a great creative exercise, and the little bookmarks your kids make can become a great souvenir for you.

10. Rock Painting

Easy, simple, and fun, rock painting is cheap and a source of unlimited fun for a child, mostly if done as a group. You need some cute rocks, paint and paintbrushes, and boundless creativity. Let your kids decide and paint shapes, figures, and patterns of their choice.

Encourage your child to create characters and structures to make them more fun and challenging. For example, you could collect rocks of similar shapes and sizes and stack them in threes to paint a mini snowman. The painted rocks characters look charming and can also serve as a lovely piece of home decor.

10 Amazing Creative Activities for Kids

These activities I’ve mentioned above are ten of many that you can use to engage your child while also helping them learn a new skill or gain new knowledge. Use these activities, and feel free to add your spin to it, anything that suits your child’s thinking and disposition.

Add more challenges to these activities or change them around to promote a different type of learning. The possibilities are endless, but the main goal remains the same; creatively engaging your child in ways, you can get involved.

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