When the girls were little, tablets weren’t even a thing yet.  Now, my two-year old has his own tablet.  Though I never thought I’d be “that parent” to pacify their child with electronics, I now completely understand!  It’s a life saver for waiting rooms and shopping trips!  The easy part is having he tablet.  The hard part is finding the right apps. Finding apps that are not only safe for him, but educational too, is very hard.  So when I was offered the opportunity for a Kidloland app review, I was more than happy to try it out!

About Kidloland

1000+ Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Stories, Activities, Games for Kids.  That’s what is contained in this one powerful app.  This is a highly interactive app geared towards children aged 0-5.  Everything is educational and extremely fun.  There is every thing from classic nursery rhymes to original songs about different fruits and animals.  Here is a preview directly from KidloLand:

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Little Man

From the second I downloaded the app, little man was in love!  Having autism means little man does struggle with  communication, fine motor skills, and social skills.  So you could imagine my delight when he easily figured out how to maneuver the app completely by himself!  He loves singing along with all the songs and love all the animals!  He especially loves the entire section on dinosaurs!

Mommy (Me)

I absolutely love the app!  We have used YouTube kids up until now.  They do have some great programs, but they are mixed in with a lot of junk.  That is not the case when it comes to Kidloland.  Everything is high quality, educational, and draws him in!  Even the songs are interactive which means it can hold any child’s attention!

I love hearing him singing a new song every few days that he learned through the app.  He has been doing great with his speech, but having something so interactive has been a huge improvement!  Even his therapist have noticed how he sings entire songs which is huge for him!  This app is absolutely amazing!

Kidloland is available on iOSGoogle Play and Amazon

Make sure to stop by their website too.  They have a huge selection of free worksheets and coloring pages to print for your little ones.  Kidloland also has an adorable baby name poem generator where you find the meaning in your baby’s name. It creates a poem for your child that you can share and download for your little one!

Disclaimer: I was provided a free code from Internet Design Zone to review the Kidloland app. However, my opinion for this app is entirely based on our own experiences while testing the app and is not influenced by any third-party.

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  1. I will have to try this app with my grandkids to see if they like it. Thanks, I never heard of this app before.

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